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All pants come with an "emergency kit" which includes a spare rivet, a spare button and matching yarn on a spool to shorten the pants. The sizes are indicated in both inch and in German standard sizes for an easier understanding of the sizes. From skinny fit or casual boyfriend to super tight or classic styles, Blue Fire Co.


High quality materials and excellent workmanship guarantee a durable longevity. Current trends are incorporated in the fits, materials and washing effects, which are turned, with great attention to detail and in the style of Blue Fire Co. Jeans in high-quality stretch materials and in authentic washings, which create a particularly soft grip, are decorated in detail.

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Patches, piping, rivets, embroidery, laser prints and destroyed effects offer that extra portion of fashion. Gabardine pants for women are enhanced with a large range of colors and prints.

Why The Hell Is Kilauea's Eruption Now Making Blue Fire? | IFLScience

A total of four collections are released each year, with new styles being delivered each month. This triggers incomplete combustion, or perhaps a slower process named pyrolysis , which leads to the production of methane gas.

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To tame the yellow fire tornado, the engineers injected a slow, steady stream of fuel into it from below. Centered on that trickle of extra heptane, the flame shrunk and assumed its blue top shape. The researchers do not yet fully understand the fluid dynamics of the new blue whirl, but they write that it's easy enough to create and maintain for extended periods.


A Blue Fire

In the paper, they say they kept one blue whirl going for eight minutes before shutting off the fuel source. It's just a lab experiment so far, but the prospect of a cleaner way to burn off oil on water's surface is pretty exciting. And it doesn't hurt that it's so pretty, too. Der Artikel wurde versandt. Scientists have discovered a new kind of fire, and it's beautiful Rafi Letzter.

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  4. PNAS Engineers have discovered a brand-new, bright-blue fire tornado that behaves unlike any flame ever created.