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The smell of bird poop and salt is inescapable; acrid in her nose. Growing up, Ditton never dreamed of becoming an ocean rower, or even a sailor. In fact, every summer, her parents forced her and her brother to spend months on their six-meter sailboat. She became a long-distance swimmer during those summer months so she could get away from the boat and onto land. I could swim, row and navigate by the age of eight, so I could find out ways to get off the boat.

Her parents were amused when, after a trip to Thailand at the age of 21, Ditton decided to sail back to the United Kingdom. She spent five months on that sailboat, stopping in country after country, learning the ropes of what it takes to sail a larger boat. That was when Ditton realized she loved the ocean.

Devils roar rowboat only Athena!

It was in those warm, turquoise waters where Ditton became a sailboat captain, and despite the odds, a racer. It was insulting! All I wanted to do was race.

The oars were an extension of my arms. I felt so wild and free. But it was when Ditton was working a boat show in London when a Danish Olympic rower asked if she wanted to row across the Atlantic. Are you out of your mind? But her interest was piqued, and Ditton—never one to bypass a challenge— got her hands on every rowing book she could. From the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean, Ditton rowed 3, nautical miles, becoming the 53rd woman to row the Atlantic Ocean and the 64th woman to ever row any ocean.

The proximity to the water, the interactions with the wildlife … I felt like I belonged and I was part of the ocean. Fast forward to early , and Ditton took on a and-a-half-day ocean row from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. Thirty-foot waves jostled her small ocean rowboat as if it was a toy, smashing frothy surf over the deck as Ditton struggled to stay lucid.

The wind howled, her damp hair whipped her face, and she started to hallucinate. She had been rowing the high seas for 10 days, dodging container ships, and catching sleep for just an hour or two at a time. I want to be part of changing that, to show girls it is possible to be a female adventurer. She was out there navigating on just a few hours of sleep, the hot Santa Ana winds raging over the nearby coastline, whipping the waves into a frenzy.

But she fought through her exhaustion to land in Santa Barbara just two days later. Just a few months after her strenuous coastal row, Ditton is ready to take on the Farallons, rowing hard and deep, racing to become the first person around those mystical, jagged peaks. She often says that rowing is a mind game—she has to persuade herself to keep going, just for a little while, then rewards herself by standing up.

Three days after setting out, Ditton beat her goal and finished the kilometer row.


Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores is Live – Rowboats and Volcanoes Ahoy!

I have endless stories about going against the tide, being a woman in a male industry. Kristin Hanes is a freelance writer and journalist living on a sailboat in San Francisco. Unlike the earliest explorers, Vallely and his crew had the relative luxury of studying those first attempts to find a way through the ice-locked Arctic. Between the four of them they have a half-century of expedition experience. Map showing the route of Irish-Canadian team that will set out on the July 1 expedition.

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Credit: guardian. The crew can also rely on modern technology, including weather forecasts from Environment Canada. Without engine or sail power, the crew have little chance of rowing their way out of an ice jam, and those great violent swirls of ice could easily wreck their boat.

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If the expedition succeeds, it should be the first registered rowing tour of this kind. It is another thing on a rowing boat. Rowing for a good cause.

The expedition also pursues two further goals: the University of Cambridge will investigate how the extreme tour affects the participants psyche. With this money a school will be built in the Himalayan region in And Longyearbyen is not yet the end of the expedition. Sources: Svalbardposten , Polarrow-Homepage. Spitsbergen Svalbard. New photo book. The Precambrian Shield 2. The Caledonian fold belt 3. Erosion products … 4.

Forsaken Shores

The Jameson Land basin 5. Click on an island name, below, to open the list of key phrases indicating landmarks on the island. These key phrases will be woven into clues, often in the form of rhyming couplets. Click on the phrase itself to see a map and screenshot. Click on these for a bigger view. The screenshots are designed to show the landmark at its best.